Our Coat of Arms consist of several elements but can be broken down to the Shield (divided into two colours Red and Blue), Crown, Supporting Birds and Foot part.

  • Red Colour – refers to the iron ore in the region.
  • Blue Colour – is utilised as an additional colour.
  • the Cross – Since iron is the main mineral in the region and mined from the ground, the division is established through a golden cross with a pointed foot.
  • The foot points ti the ground. The arms consist if the chemical symbol for iron. The cross is also symbolic of the first missionaries that spread the Christian faith.
  • a Heraldic Fountain – is placed across the foot of the cross to indicate the importance of water as a life source.
  • the Wall Crown that is heightened with palisades tops the shield. It is specifically designed for District Municipalities to sysmbolize the provision of joint services to various towns in the District.
  • Two cori bustarts (Birds – “gompoue”) – this is not only the bird found in the area, but is also the largest flying bird in our area.
  • Motto (placed in the flag) – reads “By serving we govern”