Documents open for inspection/comment

Annual Report (Draft) 2020-2021 including Unaudited Annual Financial Statements 2020-2021 and Unaudited Annual Performance Report 2020-2021 plus IDP Framework and Budget Process Plan 2022-2023

Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) Oversight Report 2019-2020

OPMS Framework 2021-2022, IDP (Final) 2021-2022, SDBIP (Final) 2021-2022, Q3 Performance Management Report 2021-2022, Annual Report 2019-2020, Budget (Final) 2021-2022, Risk Management Policy 2021-2022, Fraud and Corruption Management and Promotion of Ethics and Professionalism Policy and Plan 2021-2022

Budget (Draft) 2021-2022, IDP (Draft) 2021-2022, SDBIP (Draft) 2021-2022

Reviewed Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan (SDBIP)  and Adjustment Budget 2020-2021

Review of the District Intergrated Human Settlement Sector Plan 2020-2021

Mid-Year Financial and Performance Report 2020-2021

Q1 Performance Report 2020-2021 (July-Sep)

Adjusted Budget 2019-2020 and Reviewed SDBIP 2019-2020

IDP Framework and Budget Process Plan 2021-2022

Annual Report (Draft) 2019-2020, Anaudited Annual Financial Statements 2019-2020 and Unaudited Annual Performance Report 2019-2020

IDP Framework and Budget Process Plan 2021-2022

Oversight Report (Draft) 2017-2018, IDP (Draft) 2019-2020, Reviewed OPMS Framework 2019-2020, Budget (Draft) 2019-2020, SDBIP (Draft) 2019-2020

IDP 2020-2021 Budget and Performance Management Framework and Process Plan 2020-2021

IDP (Draft) 2020-2021, SDBIP (Draft) 2020-2021, Reviewed OPMS Framework 2020-2021, Budget (Draft) 2020-2021

Adjusted Budget 2018-2019, Adjusted SDBIP 2018-2019

Mid-Year Financial and Performance Report 2019-2020, Annual Report (Final) 2018-2019, Reviewed OPMS Framework 2020-2021

Reviewed Risk Management Policy 2019-2020

Q1 Performance Assessment Report 2019-2020

IDP 2020-2021, Budget 2020-2021 and  Performance Management Framework and Process Plan 2020-2021

Annual Report (Draft) 2018-2019 including Unaudited Annual Performance Report and Annual Financial Statements (AFS) 2018-2019


Meetings & Training Sessions

Documents open for Inspection/Comment

Quotations (RFQ) Receiving & Opening

Tenders/Bids Receiving & Opening

Awarded Quotations & Tenders

Budgets and Financial Statements.

Frameworks and Sector Plans

IDP and SDBIP Documents 2016-2019

Reports and Performance Contracts




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